George Kneeland, Iaiela Rijos


Dear 5RK Parents and Students:


            Hello 5RKers! We are looking forward to a dynamic school year next September. Here is a list of supplies we would like you to have for the first week of school. Hopefully, you'll have an opportunity to take advantage of the "Back to School" sales towards the end of the summer.          

  •  2 boxes of sharpened pencils (Ticonderoga)
  •  4 hard cover black & white marble notebooks (at least 100 sheets)
  •  3 pocket folders (different colors or designs)
  •  colored pencils - 24 pack
  •  crayons - 16 or 24 pack
  •  4 glue sticks
  •  1 pair scissors
  •  3 fine line sharpies - black
  •  pencil box (large enough to hold colored pencils, crayons, sharpies and glue sticks)
  • 1 package of skinny dry erase markers
  • 3 different colored highlighters (Frixion makes an erasable highlighter that works very well. You can find this online through Amazon or Staples.)
  • A one inch, 3 ring binder and a pack of 50 sheet protectors for Spanish


If you are looking for a few ideas over the summer to stay sharp and prepare for fifth grade, we'd like to make a few suggestions:

Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division facts through See our class website for directions on how to enroll.

Locate and identify the continents, oceans and states (as best you can, even regions of the country).

Examine a few key events from America’s History, ex. 1776-Revolutionary War; ask mom and/or dad about these events and see what additional information they can tell you.

Read according to your Summer Reading List. Enjoy reading at least 20 minutes each day. Once or twice a week you should have a conversation with your parents about what’s happening in your reading. We love to read in 5RK and have “Reading Rage” every Friday.   

•Write-- stories, poems, memories, happenings or diary entries....If you have picked out a new writer's journal why not start writing in it now?  Be prepared to share one writing piece. 


Have a terrific summer.

Mr. Kneeland and Mrs. Rijos