George Kneeland, Iaiela Rijos
  5RK Newsletter

Xtra, xtra read all about it! We just had another student graduate from xtraMath. That brings our total to 3! We are gaining momentum with our fact progress; however, we need more 5RKers completing their xtraMath homework activities (unless the student has an alternate arrangement with the teacher). A mastery of facts is extremely important as it impacts a student’s ability to grasp higher-level math concepts. Our goal is to have at least 10 students graduate xtraMath by the winter recess. Ultimately, it is most important for your child to have outstanding number sense.  A great family game and holiday gift idea is the math game: 24GAME. You can buy it on Amazon. Playing math games in combination with practicing facts will really improve number sense and build your child’s confidence.

What’s the theme? In ELA, the students were challenged to determine the main or central theme for a passage, story, and short movie. This task can be more challenging than it sounds as students at this age often respond with a summary or the main idea of a piece of literature. Although there is a close connection with main idea, students have been learning how to differentiate between the two, understanding that theme is a lesson or moral that has universality and can be applied to one’s own life. The students completed our mini-theme unit by writing a theme summary of the story, The Lost Money. The students demonstrated meaningful understanding of theme and outstanding growth in paragraph writing! 

We spoke to the students today about buddy gifts for the holidays. Students cannot exchange purchased gifts in school, as it more often than not, results in kindergarten tears. What we have found to work extremely well is if students make or create a gift for their buddy. For example: picture frames, bracelets, cards, poems, holiday stories, drawings, and collages have all worked well in the past. We would like your child to complete his/her homemade gift by Thursday, December 20th.  We will deliver these gifts to the buddies on Friday morning, December 21.

Holiday Notes and Events: 
The Mitten Line begins…
Winter Concert: Thursday, December 13th @7:00
Friday, December 22 is an Emergency Early Release Day. 
        Students will be dismissed from school at 2:36
Holiday Recess: Monday, 12/24 – Monday, 12/31. 
        School resumes on Tuesday, January 1.