George Kneeland, Andrea Mondell

5KM Weekly Newsletter

Friday, November 24, 2017

Introduction, genre, setting, characters/character traits, plot elements (exposition; rising action; climax; falling action; and resolution), theme, author’s purpose, summary, and conclusion… But that’s not it!!! Most importantly, “Where’s the Beef”? In other words, in this day and age, students are not only responsible for making a claim, but they are also equally responsible for backing up their claim with TEXT EVIDENCE!!! The 5KM students have been doing just this. They have been feverishly working on their Independent Book Projects, creating Google Slideshows incorporating the aforementioned literary elements and mini-lessons that we have been focusing on. Students will continue to publish their slideshows after break and are eager to do so. The 5KM students are on their way to becoming literary analysts and we are SO VERY PROUD!

Does 1 quart equal 4 cups? Or 2 Pints? Wait I’m not sure… Those were some of the comments from students as we spent some over the past two weeks working on customary and metric conversions (remember those days?). In addition, we continued to practice multiplying whole numbers and decimal numbers with factors up to 3 and 4 digits. This was mostly applied in the context of real-life money problems. Our mid-module assessment will take place the Tuesday after break (11/28). We will review up until then. Again, we can’t stress enough how important it is for students to know their basic facts. Mastery of facts will support the students in applying themselves more diligently with current concepts.

We appreciate everyone who was able to attend Parent-Teacher conferences. We enjoyed sharing and discussing your child’s work and progress. We thank you for the input you shared with us regarding your children. It will help us tremendously as we work together to support each student's academic and personal goals as we continue through the year. 

Just a reminder... School will be closed for the holiday recess on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Although we are not assigning homework during the holiday recess, the teachers would like the students to independently read for at least half an hour each day and practice their math facts via XtraMath or IXL. The reading log does not have to be completed. Students should also remember to complete their "Growth Mindset" Interviews. If you happen to go shopping or eat at a restaurant over the break, encourage your child to help with estimating the grocery/restaurant bill, while challenging them to calculate the tip for the waiter.

Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Mr. Kneeland & Ms. Mondell

Reminders & Upcoming Events: 
Please be aware of the following upcoming reminders/events. 

  • Please label your child's winter outerwear with his/her NAME and CLASS!!! The lost and found has been growing exponentially!
  • Donations Wanted: The 5KM class is in need of the following items: 

  - Pencils, Tissues, and Lysol Wipes